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5 things that make 'modern' web design

1. Large Images

Hero banners are becoming more and more popular in modern web design. It gives the user that initial ‘wow’ factor. Similarly when showcasing a product, larger images help designers highlight different features of a product in a more effective and efficient way.

First, it reinforces the benefits of a feature by having the opportunity to point out valuable pieces. It also keeps the visitor thinking about the product with the visuals. We are bound to skim over a lot of text, but with the large product images, we are able to get a solid idea of what the different product features do and convey it through images instead of words.


2. Responsiveness

It’s a good idea to make sure your website will work on all devices no matter the size. With internet on the mobile market becoming increasingly popular, there is more of an urgency to make sure your site is responsive. Large responsive images conform to any screen size whether you are viewing the image from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. That means that you will be able to view the image clearly without scrolling up and down and side to side.


3. Unique Typography

Most companies have a particular style of a font, or typography. They use this to help their customers immediately identify them over their competitors. More and more fonts are readily available for designers so it is easier to get a unique font. (Or at least more unique).

Typography uses one design trend across the website that helps lead readers to different parts of the website. When creating your company’s brand, it is important to consider the typography. This allows readers to immediately identify your website and brand.


4. Scroll to Page Sections

A few sites have a feature where you click a link and it brings you to an alternate part of the page. Rather than having to scroll through the information you are not bothered about, you can just get to where you want quickly and effectively. Potentially there is no requirement for numerous pages to load to get the detail you are searching for.
It’s additionally beneficial for guests who have arrived at the site before. They may be searching for one bit of data they saw beforehand, and with scrolling, they can get to the segment of the page where it exists much quicker.


5. Clean Minimal Design

As browsers have become better and better, it has allowed designers more freedom in how they layout a site. This means that there is no need for the clunky tables and huge sections of text. A clean looking website that doesn’t look too daunting is much more likely to retain the user rather than scaring them away. Focus should be on making the content easily readable but presented in a elegant way.

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